ROS Driver for upcoming Toposens TSSensor Series

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Sensor startup Toposens takes the next step towards improving 3D ultrasonic perception for robotics with the release of a Linux compatible ROS driver.

Reading Time: Approx. 3 Minutes – 11.06.2019

With its upcoming product, the TS3, Toposens releases a sensor that seamlessly integrates itself into robotics and tackles the challenges of near-field sensing for both consumer and industrial robotic systems. As part of the release, Toposens has open-sourced all its ROS (Robot Operating System) packages to the development community, which can be accessed via Toposens ROS Page.

The release of Toposens ROS makes it significantly easier for engineers to create robot applications with ultrasound technology. This will enhance the adaptability and user riendliness of Toposens sensors across a spectrum of use-cases.

Anticipated Features

The ROS driver allows for full configurability of the TS3 sensor directly from native ROS interfaces like RViz and dynamic reconfigure. The packages also include easy interfaces for data visualization and point cloud generation; essential tools for serious ROS development.

Intuitive visualization examples make it much more practical to evaluate recorded sensor data and allow hassle-free integration of third-party projects for such use cases as sensor fusion, object avoidance, loop closure, etc.

Another major improvement of using Toposens’ ROS driver is the fine-tuning of sensor performance during runtime. This simplifies the setup of the sensors and allows users to quickly adjust parameters of the sensor to suit their specific application and environment.

Engaging the robotics community

Toposens ROS packages are open-source and enable all sensor enthusiasts to integrate the upcoming sensor TS3 into their projects. The Toposens robotics team is proud to contribute to the ROS ecosystem and looks forward to integrating proposals and feedback from the vibrant community.

Meet us @ ROSCon

Toposens will be present at the annual ROS developers conference in Macau this November. Our robotics team is looking forward to meeting ROS developers and makers from all over the world!

About Toposens

Toposens was founded in 2015 by Alexander Rudoy, Rinaldo Persichini and Tobias Bahnemann. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany with an additional office in Sunnyvale, CA. The team currently consists of 21 people. Toposens is working together with well-known companies from the automotive and robotics industry as well as with research institutes. The upcoming sensor version, TS3, will be available in July. For further information please refer to our TS3 landing page.

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