AGV Collision Avoidance

Reduce accidents and ensure the daily workflow with Ultrasonic 3D Echolocation Sensors

Make your industrial AGV the most reliable transportation system with the worlds-first 3D Ultrasonic Sensor System optimized for collision avoidance

Today, AGVs make our everyday work easier, especially in industrial environments. Often, entire industrial halls are equipped with these partially autonomous transport systems to facilitate the daily work of the employees and to ensure the flow of materials and goods.

However, the fact is that many AGVs have massive problems, often cause accidents, and thus bring production to a standstill, which in the worst case leads to tremendously high costs.

These problems are often caused by:

Forklift forks

Protruding objects

Suddenly appearing people

Avoid these problems and prevent AGV accidents with the worlds-first 3D Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Sensor System

3D Object Detection

Ensure the daily workflow by low maintenance and avoiding obstacles (like forklift forks and industrial goods).

Multi-Object Detection

Detect objects in 3D space with ultrasound, independent of lighting conditions and easy to integrate with other sensor types.

Wide Opening Angle

One sensor for reliable close-range detection of your AGV.

Make your manufacturing environment safer than ever before and reduce accidents number to a minimum

Easy to integrate (CAN interface) and low calibration effort

Ensure the daily workflow by avoiding crashes, that can stop the production process

Reduce cost by avoiding expensive damage to AGVs, other equipment, and transported goods

One sensor for better AGV safety

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