Enabling near-field collision avoidance
for autonomous vehicles.



Autonomously moving vehicles require a range of complementary sensor solutions. We aim for delivering the most sophisticated solution for near-field environment monitoring available, to bring safety and convenience to autonomous driving.

Toposens provides cutting-edge 3D ultrasound sensor technology, enabling mobility companies to implement innovative applications, such as Autonomous Parking. The sensor can be integrated on the outside and inside, providing the vehicle with information about objects, obstacles and movements in its environments. Automakers and OEMs working on autonomous driving and other innovative applications receive full flexibility due to the platform nature of our sensor solution. The sensor can be perfectly adjusted, both in terms of hardware and software, to suit your specific need.

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Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to increase safety while enhancing the driving experience. Various sensor technologies are used to work as the driver’s extended eyes and ears, keeping you safe on the streets.

Toposens provides the first 3D ultrasound sensor technology worldwide, enabling near-field environment monitoring for slowly moving vehicles. Believing in the power of sensor fusion, we add another, hitherto unknown, technology to the mix of 3D technologies. The sensor’s characteristics include small build size, very low processing needs and data rate, high robustness and reliability and low costs.

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Autonomous Driving

The 3D ultrasound sensor perceives and locates objects and people via echolocation. The resulting 3D point cloud information can be used to navigate a vehicle around autonomously, at slow speed. Autonomous driving sensors can be applied to cars, logistics vehicles, industrial and household robots etc.


Toposens can release you from the unnerving activity of parking by guiding the car effortlessly into free parking spots. This has not been possible before in a reliable and accurate way, due to the lack of suitable sensors. 3D ultrasound offers a parking solution that is low in cost and processing power.


Combined with sophisticated algorithms, 3D ultrasound sensors gather information about their surroundings and put them together to create a complete 3D map of their environment. This real-time information can be processed internally, used for navigation and shared with other vehicles.



3D ultrasonic sensors protect people’s privacy as they do not identify any personal features. It is set to a specific ultrasonic frequency, which cannot be heard or created by humans, making the sensor unable of recording any spoken language. Therefore, this technology is very well suited for applications inside the vehicle, which enable interaction with passengers. Due to the long range and flexible arrangement, the sensor can be used for a variety of applications.


Controlling the in-car infotainment system with simple gestures, helps keep the driver’s focus on the streets. A reliable and robust sensor is required to meet the customers’ high demands in functionality. Toposens provides the necessary reliability and range to capture gestures inside the whole car.


Monitoring the occupancy inside a vehicle is required for safety and entertainment applications. The 3D ultrasound sensor can detect the presence of people inside the car via echolocation.

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