How can it be possible that a staggering one in every five motor vehicle accidents takes place in a parking lot?
Even at slow speed in a parking situation, the driver cannot perceive his environment flawlessly, despite parking assistance functions like camera and PDC´s. These issues do not only concern current systems, but will become a significant problem especially with regard to autonomous parking.

Our mission is to shape the future of autonomous parking and make it safer for both, drivers and pedestrians.

Sensor solution optimized for autonomous parking

  • Overcome the limitations of classical ultrasonic 1D systems – use the Toposens multi-object detection ability for 3D positions of obstacles


  • All at a scalable price per system – cost-efficient and based on proven ultrasonic technology


  • Get full control over the parking situation – Toposens sensors detect empty parking spaces and their size even through dust, darkness and bright light


  • Multi-Object Detection – detect different curbs with different heights and prevent scratches on your rims

Locate object positions in 3D


Robust, reliable and energy-efficient


Reliable to darkness, dust, dirt, and in varying lighting conditions

8 sensors for a 360° close-range surround view

The use of 8 ultrasonic 3D echolocation sensors allows you a 360° close-range view around the vehicle.

The sensor system is optimized for sensor fusion:

  • Easy to process 3D data points
  • Sensor data can be laid over e.g. camera image
  • Low amount of data

Therefore our 3D ultrasound technology can be the optimal complement for other sensor systems. Especially where other sensors have their difficulties in the close range.

Other exterior use case examples

Our sensor system is not only used in the field of autonomous parking, but can also be applied for various other automotive cases.

Door collision avoidance

Door Auto0100

Obstacle detection to prevent damage to automatically opening car doors.

Safety – Reverse AEB

Reverse AEB.png

Detect potential rear collisions while reversing and brake automatically if a crash is imminent.

Autonomous driving

360° coverage of close-range area around vehicle with a sutiable point cloud format for sensor-fusion.

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