Beacon based 3D Tracking System


The 3D Tracking System is a system based on our Advanced Ultrasonic Sensors and RF technology. It provides X, Y, Z coordinates using a single receiver and at least one sender unit.*


Advantages of the System

Cost eff


Ultrasonic technology

By using ultrasonic technology, we can offer you a cost-effective tracking solution that enables you to use the system regardless of lighting conditions.


< 1 cm accuracy

Close-range distance

With our system, you can solve positioning tasks with millimeter accuracy over short distances.


Wide opening angle

Up to 160°

The 3D ultrasonic technology allows us to get an opening angle of up to 160°. This provides you with a precise position detection with only one beacon and receiver couple, even in complex applications.



The receiver sends out an RF signal, which commands the addressed beacon that it should send an ultrasonic pulse. At the same time, the receiver starts to record the ultrasonic pulse from the beacon. The receiver then calculates the 3D coordinates of the beacon(s) using the sound propagation time of the ultrasonic pulse and our algorithm.

The coordinates are output by the receiver and can be used for further data processing.


The beacon receives the RF signal from the receiver and starts sending the ultrasonic pulse. This process is repeated at approximately 19 Hz per second.

By aligning the beacon with the receiver, very high accuracy can be realized at close-range distances.

Small and cost-effective Beacon based 3D Tracking System

For synchronizing the Tracking System, we use RF technology due to the high interference resistance.

To expand the range of applications in which the system can be used, we are investigating other technologies for the synchronization of the system, such as infrared.

Technical Demonstration

The system can be used in a wide variety of industries, such as entertainment, automotive, or robotics.

Tracking ability and data example visualized in Unity – more information

Moving Light tracking demonstration – more information

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*All information and pictures shown on this site refer to the first prototype development.