In this use case, we test our 3D Tracking System which is based on a single ultrasonic sender and receiver couple. The real-time data is visualized via Unity.

The use case demonstrates:

  • Position detection (X, Y, and Z coordinates sender/receiver)
  • Beacon tracking
  • Data examples


Keep in mind that our tracking system is in early prototype status.




Toposens 3D Tracking System is based on an extension of our current ultrasonic sensors and a radio interface to synchronize the beacon and receiver devices. This allows the relative coordinates of the beacon devices to the receivers to be found.

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Our Beacon based 3D Tracking System is based on an extension of our ultrasonic sensors united by a radio interface used for data transmission. In this use case we test the system to visualize the functionality and tracking capability to locate the sender (transmitter) and receiver in three-dimensional space.

Unity is being used to show the position of the sender (transmitter) and receiver in a 3D-coordinate system that is divided into separate views. Any movement is visualized.

Our 3D Tracking System works with high accuracy:

Accuracy at a range of up to 1000 mm with an ≤ 45° opening angle is around +/- 30 mm.

Precision with an ≤ 45° opening angle is around +/- 4 mm.

The system allows us to track objects with a range of up to 10 m in different use cases. Ranges are extendable via Bluetooth.

The 3D Tracking System identifies the exact position of the transmitter with ultrasound technology. The location is transferred to the connected device in real-time as raw x, y, z-coordinates which can be further used by different post-processing software applications.

Some big advantages of our 3D Tracking System are, that it can be used immediately and it does not need any calibration (at least for standard use cases), the range is up to 10 m and will be extendable to up to 25 m, we have a very-wide opening angle of up to 120° and are very accurate in the close-range area with +/- 4 mm.

Further development

The 3D Tracking System can be used in different areas like industries for locating the position of robots or docking stations, to create digital boundaries for collision prevention, asset, and work tool tracking and position tracking for example in the entertainment area.


If you are interested in using our tracking system in one of your applications, or if you are interested in this application, contact us!

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