To test the technical capabilities of our Beacon based 3D Tracking System, we connected it with an ordinary movie camera. This allowed us to test the multi-object tracking and range finding abilities of our system which are used for focusing the camera on various objects.

The following scenarios were tested with this application:

  • Tracking of a single object in different environmental conditions
  • Tracking and Range Finding of multiple targets
  • Autofocus on various objects


Keep in mind that our tracking system is in early prototype status.




Toposens 3D Tracking System is based on an extension of our current ultrasonic sensors and a radio interface to synchronize the beacon and receiver devices. This allows the relative coordinates of the beacon devices to the receivers to be found.

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To demonstrate this use case, we mounted the receiver part of the 3D Tracking System to the top of the camera. Then, as shown in the video, our beacons were attached to the siemens-star charts as well as different people to test the tracking, focus, and distance functionality.

Setup camera assistant
Tracking test with backlight and fog

Our 3D Tracking System in combination with the camera can be used to precisely locate the objects tagged with the beacons, align the camera’s focus, and calculate the distance to the respective objects.

Additionally, we simulated various environmental conditions including fog, total darkness, and bright lights in our laboratory. The distance to the beacon always remained stable and was not influenced by any of the simulated conditions.

The advantages of our 3D Tracking System in combination with this application are:

  •  Precise and automatic focusing of objects with a tagged beacon
  •  Object detection, range finding and distance determination (of single or multiple targets)

This system could be used, for example, in film scenes to capture several targets, to quickly adjust the focus to between objects, and to determine distances to the objects.

If you are interested in using our tracking system in one of your applications, or if you are interested in this camera application, contact us!

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