Our new sensor is a precise, safe, and easy-to-integrate solution.

Our new sensor enables your AGV, robot, or other application to avoid collisions with all kinds of obstacles. Based on our proprietary 3D ultrasonic technology, Toposens ultrasonic sensors use time-of-flight echolocation data for 3D detection and safety improvement.

Ultrasonic 3D Echolocation Key Benefits


3D Object Detection


Multiobject Detection


Wide Opening Angle


3D Detection of Complex Objects


Price Efficient


Low Calibration Effort

What the press says

“Through powerful software, the sensor enables the precise detection of objects in real time […] This completely new method of positioning generates new ways […] of seeing the world via sound.”

ultrasonic 3D echolcation collision avoidance
ultrasonic 3D echolcation collision avoidance

“The game-changing technology can be used for collision avoidance of autonomous vehicles, people tracking in smart buildings and gesture control for consumer electronics.”

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Development Kit for our Ultrasonic 3D Echolocation Sensor

Our newest Dev.-Kit will convince you with IP67, a wide opening angle, robustness, and price efficiency. 

Our new platform gives you great flexibility to evaluate our sensor in your individual product. For easy integration, we offer CAN as a communication interface (others on request). We offer three software packages: a C-Library, ROS support, and a Cross-Platform Visualizer. Additionally, there is a separate service adapter for software updates and a data visualization on your computer. 

Make your industrial application the safest system with the worlds-first: Ultrasonic 3D Collision Avoidance System

ultrasonic 3D echolcation collision avoidance

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