In this use case, we demonstrate our Beacon based 3D Tracking System mounted on a moving light. Moving lights are usually used in events, theaters, and other parts of the entertainment industry.

The demonstrator was build for showcasing and testing our tracking ability.

Our Tracking System enables the moving light to automatically follow a person or an object tagged with a beacon.

  • Position detection and 3D real-time data output (X, Y and Z coordinates of the beacon device(s) relative to the receiver device)


Keep in mind that our tracking system is in early prototype status.




Toposens 3D Tracking System is based on an extension of our current ultrasonic sensors and a radio interface to synchronize the beacon and receiver devices. This allows the relative coordinates of the beacon devices to the receivers to be found.

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With our 3D Tracking System, we can determine the position of an object/person tagged with a beacon in three-dimensional space (more information). In this case, the receiver part of our system is mounted on a moving light and follows the object that is tagged with the beacon in real-time.

The receiver part of our Tracking System is mounted on top of the moving light and connected to the controls while the beacon can be tagged to objects and people.
After calibration, ultrasonic pulses are generated by the beacon and detected by the receiver on top of the moving light. When the receiver detects the beacon, it sends the beacon’s position to a control unit (Arduino Board) which rotates the light in the direction of the beacon.
If you are interested in using our tracking system in one of your applications, or if you are interested in this application, contact us!

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