Smart Building



Detecting, counting and tracking people around buildings – this information is core to the concept of today’s Smart Building. Analyzing the people flows through space and time can give you invaluable insights about the utilization of meeting rooms, retail stores, offices, public transport and every other imaginable space. Just like online data can be used to improve your online presence, offline data gives you the possibility to optimize store and office layouts. It will lower your electricity bill by reducing lighting and heating and can even protect your grandmother’s health by detecting falls.

The Toposens 3D ultrasound sensor works purely on the principle of echolocation, using specific ultrasonic signals, which can neither identify any personal features nor process or record any spoken language. You will therefore be able to precisely analyze your Smart Building without intruding into people’s privacy.


  • Precisely detect, count and track people through your Smart Building
  • Completely anonymous data – no optical system, no audible frequencies are used
  • Passive tracking system – no active component needed


1) Smart Building

Real-time information about the exact number and position of people inside a building and the building’s usage over time can effectively be used to automate processes such as heating, lighting and climate control. The automation results in increases in energy efficiency and people’s well-being.

2) Retail Analytics

Get a thorough analysis of your retail space’s utilization over time and optimize your store’s layout based on real quantified customer behavior. Heat maps, real-time customer numbers and development of occupancy rates over time help you to identify your store’s real value drivers.

3) Fall Detection

Non-intrusive monitoring of elderly people’s well-being. The sensor can detect falls and unusual behavior, such as long motionlessness as well as people leaving their apartment. The sensor doesn’t need any active component and will give an alarm as instructed.

4) Security

3D ultrasound sensors can help you monitor areas of danger and other sensitive areas. Reliable detection of people will enable you to avoid dangerous situations by giving an alarm or shutting down systems.