We continually aspire to make ultrasonic sensor data smarter and more useful for our customers. Our ROS-based robotics suite offers specific software add-ons that solve key problems in data enhancement, machine perception and autonomous navigation. Integrate our modules into your system today!

Sensor Driver

Getting started with our sensors couldn’t be easier than by deploying our custom ROS driver. With built-in visualization, parameter finetuning and multi-sensor sync capabilities, it is available free of charge via the official ROS repositories. See for more information.

Noise Filtering

Every perception sensor has to ultimately cope with noisy data. Use our robust filtering algorithms – finely tuned for ultrasonic data – to effortlessly remove false positives and other noise from your raw data.

Mapping Pipeline

Constructing the floor plan of a robot’s environment is the hello-world of autonomous navigation. Our post-processing mapping pipeline generates reliable binary occupancy maps for your robot. Use it for tasks like global path-planning and localization!

Surface Classification

This tool applies geometrical metrics to raw data and provides insights into the topology and surface structures in a scene. Employ it in applications like object classification, scene analysis, localization and landmark-based navigation.

Sensor Simulation

Get a headstart on technical integration by using our handy Gazebo simulation. Install our sensor on your virtual robot, gather data in your custom worlds and try out your algorithms just as they would behave in the real-world.

Path Planning

This tool eases the task of dynamic path-planning based on our sensor data. The package handles multi-scan accumulation, statistical obstacle detection and costmap computation, and enables your robot to intelligently traverse your chosen environments.