As one of the main semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, Infineon supplies Toposens with its XENSIV™ MEMS microphones, which are part of Toposens TS-Sensor series. The microphones enable the detection of sound impulses and are a crucial component for 3D object localization via ultrasound.
With its global presence and wide experience in the automotive, industrial and multi-market sectors, Infineon is a valuable partner of Toposens, not only for sourcing but also for sales and marketing.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer Murata supports Toposens not only as a transducer supplier but also as a global partner with special expertise in the Japanese electronics market. Toposens values Murata as an experienced partner and supplier.

The American tech company Nvidia develops GPUs and system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market. Toposens is part of Nvidia’s Inception program, which nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups that are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. The Nvidia Inception Program supports innovators and startups that bring disruptive innovation to market.

Motus Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund and business accelerator with focus on the intersection of three key industries: Transportation, Smart Infrastructure and Internet of Things. As an early stage venture, Motus Ventures provides Toposens with financial resources, industry knowhow and strategic advice.

Alpana Ventures is a Swiss early stage VC firm that assists Swiss & European startups bridge to Silicon Valley and Asia while also offering support with fundraising in growth capital.

Plug and Play is an early stage investor and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Toposens is proud to be supported by one of the most active Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

Within the scope of investing in intelligent transport, smart cities and macro trends, SPDG has become an important investor and supporter of Toposens ultrasound technology. SPDG chooses to support Toposens on its way to build sensors with the potential to transform the future of mobility by making it safer and more efficient.

The German Accelerator enabled Toposens to set a foot in the door and expand operations in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley. Besides receiving a co-working space, important connections and partnerships could be formed in the world’s most vibrant startup scene.

Toposens won the EIT Digital Award as the no. 1 deep tech scaleup in the category of digital cities in 2018 and supports EIT’s initiative for a strong digital Europe.

Through the Initiative for Industrial Innovators, Toposens receives both financial and advisory support by the UnternehmerTUM, the center for innovation and business creation at the Technical University of Munich. The Initiative for Industrial Innovators is a European initiative, that aims at funding disruptive deep tech solutions with the financial backing of the European Union.

Cornes Technologies is a leading importer and distributor of electronic devices, systems and equipment and industrial machinery, with experience in the promotion, marketing and selling of new products and technology to a broad range of customers in Japan.

Okaya is a Japanese distributor that supports Toposens in expanding to the Japanese market. Okaya helps Toposens introduce its sensor technology to the Japanese market and strengthening its market position in Japan.