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Explore all benefits of the Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor.


Find out more about the gateway between our ECHO ONE® and your mobile robot system.


The 3D Echolocation Sensor ECHO ONE® enables your mobile robot to reliably detect even the most complex objects in three-dimensional space, such as:

  • Floor based objects (such as forklift forks)
  • Glass and transparent surfaces

With a small blind zone, ultra-wide opening angle, and detection range of up to 3 m, you can reduce costly accidents whilst ensuring highest safety in any environment.


The Toposens Processing Unit (TPU) serves the need of easy integration of the ECHO ONE® which enables you to make use of  for 3D collision avoidance functionality.

Pre-filtered 3D point clouds are displayed in a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which comprises of:

  • Dynamical, three-dimensional warning- and stopping-zones which are fully adjustable
  • Individual sensor parameters and sensor vehicle positioning

Our Technology

For the future of robotic, automotive, and industrial markets, there is a need for reliable, robust, and cost-efficient solutions. Make your mobile robot system the safest and most efficient by adding another layer of sensory perception: accustic sensor technology for next-level robotic safety.

The all new Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor ECHO ONE® will help you solve these tasks. It combines the time-of-flight principle of conventional 1D ultrasonic sensors with triangulation and advanced signal processing algorithms.

Functionality Easy-to-use Software for Application Setup

Locate multiple object positions in 3D space with x, y, z coordinates

Robust to lighting conditions, dust and dirt with IP67 rating

Detects "difficult-to-see" objects such as forklift forks

Suitable for a wide variety of industries applications

Lost in the sensor jungle?

Here you can download our range-finding sensor compendium

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Lost in the sensor jungle?

Download our range-finding sensor compendium comparing sensor types used in mobile robots.

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Toposens at LogiMAT2022
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Meet us at LogiMAT 2022

Munich-based high-tech startup Toposens is thrilled to be part of the LogiMAT 2022 exhibitor line-up, introducing its brand-new 3D Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Sensor ECHO ONE

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