Toposens Processing Unit DK

Advanced 3D Collision Avoidance



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The Toposens Prosessing Unit DK  interconnects our 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor ECHO ONE DK to an AGV or AMR infrastructure. It provides standardized output signals to indicate to an AGV’s or AMR’s control system, whether an obstacle or object was detected by the sensor. This takes away the hassle of complicated integration procedures.

Toposens Processing Unit DK


Communication Interface


Digital Inputs

3 x NO Contacts

Relays Outputs

< 5 W

Low Power Consumption

9 - 30 V

Wide Voltage Range

User-friendly GUI

Configuration Interface

The convenient gateway between Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Sensors and Customer Applications.

The Toposens Processing Unit DK (TPU DK) serves the need of easy adoption and integration of the Toposens ultrasonic sensing technology for 3D collision avoidance. It enables customers to use pre-filtered point clouds and make use of the 3D collision avoidance functionality.

Along with the next-generation 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor ECHO ONE DK, the system enables your AGV, robot, or other application to avoid collisions with all kinds of obstacles.

By detecting even the most complex objects in 3D space with a small blind zone, customers are able to reduce costly accidents while ensuring highest safety in any environment.

Functionality Easy-to-use Software for Application Setup

Advanced 3D Collision Avoidance Functionality

Plug and Play Solution

Plug & Play Hardware with Different Interfaces

Easy-to-use Software for Application Setup

Easy-to-use Software for Application Setup

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Toposens Processing Unit DK


GATEWAY: The TPU DK acts as a gateway between Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Sensors and customer applications.

FILTERS: It features a set of sophisticated filters to pre-filter the point cloud obtained by the ECHO ONE DK.

3D COLLISION AVOIDANCE: Obstacle avoidance is adjustable via configurable warning zones and stop zones in easy-to-use graphical interface (GUI).

GUI Interface

The easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) visualizes the adjustable warning zones and stop zones, which are configurable depending on use case.

Individual parameters can also be adjusted in the GUI together with the sensor vehicle positioning.

TPU Integrated

Plug and Play Solution

Unprecedented 3D Collision Avoidance for your AGV or AMR, made possible with the combination of Toposens ECHO ONE DK and Toposens Processing Unit DK.


Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor


TPU DK Pre-Configuration: Pre-Set Advanced Noise Filters. Pre-Set Sensor Parameters for AGV Use Cases. Optional configuration of warning zone and stop zone, depending on operating mode.


Integration of ECHO ONE DK and TPU DK in AGV or AMR for 3D collision avoidance evaluation.

Operating Modes

3D Collision Avoidance - Stand Alone

In stand alone mode, the sensor system signals zone violations which trigger GPIOs.

3D Collision Avoidance - Sensor Fusion

In sensor fusion mode, the pre-processed point cloud can be accessed via ethernet.

The easy-to-use plug and play solution for next-level robotic safety.

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