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3D sensor startup Toposens was chosen to showcase its technology in the Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Alley in San Francisco early September 2018. Equipping autonomous vehicles with near-field sensing systems, the startup is now focusing on targeting the US market.

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Toposens developed a sensor that can be used for near-field perception for autonomously moving vehicles, such as cars and robots. While long-distance sensors are widely discussed already, Toposens focuses on the immediate environment (0 – 6 m), allowing vehicles e.g. to park autonomously in difficult situations or to find their way through dense traffic.

Currently located in Munich and in the Silicon Valley, Toposens was founded in 2015 by Alexander Rudoy, Rinaldo Persichini and Tobias Bahnemann. The team consists of 10 people and is working together with well-known companies from the automotive and robotics industry.

TC Disrupt and Conquering the US market

Toposens has already taken the first steps in the US market. In 2018, the startup participated in the German Accelerator program and spent several months setting up its US network in Silicon Valley. “Those months have shown us that there is great potential for our technology in the US market. I met with a lot of interested tech companies which could become partners in the future, as well as with investors”, co-founder Tobias Bahnemann sums up the experience.

The path to establishing its US business arm is set. As a next step, Toposens will showcase its 3D sensor technology at the Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Alley in San Francisco in September 2018.

Toposens is currently finalizing its financing round. Strengthening its tie with the US, the startup is raising funds from both German and Silicon Valley investors.

Ready to test 

Toposens released its sensor version “TS ALPHA” in June 2018. The sensor is available as a Development Kit for testing and prototyping.

Targeting automotive and robotics companies, Toposens will launch another specified sensor version, which enables advanced prototyping for near-field perception to engineers working on autonomously moving vehicles, in the upcoming weeks.

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