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Our new sensor enables your AGV, AMR, or other application avoid collisions with all kinds of obstacles. Based on our proprietary 3D ultrasonic technology, our next-generation ECHO ONE DK operates on the principle of time-of-flight echolocation to deliver robust real-time data for 3D object detection and collision avoidance.


Communication Interface

from 200 mm

Operating Range


Frame Rate

up to 180°

Opening Angle





Why use 3D Ultrasonic Sensors?

Reliable detection of multiple objects

Is your AGV or AMR prone to collisions because your existing sensor solution does not reliably detect multiple objects or complex objects like forklift forks in 3D space?

Reduction of false-positive detections

Are you tired of false-positive detections ( = your sensor technology mistakenly detecting a non-existing object), which increases the downtime of your AGV?

Reduction of false-negative detections

Are you worried about false-negatives ( = your existing sensor technology not detecting an object at all), which could lead to costly and dangerous accidents?

6 Unique Benefits of the ECHO ONE

We know your pain and can help you increase your profitability and reduce costly accidents.
Find out how:
Simply scroll through our six unique advantages of 3D Ultrasonic sensing.

Watch our Technology in Action

Easy Integration

Our new platform gives you great flexibility to evaluate our sensor in your individual application:
CAN as a communication interface
A separate Interface Adapter (USB adapter + Micro USB Cable) to connect the ECHO ONE DK to your PC.
Toposens 3D Visualizer for raw data visualization and capturing via Interface Adapter.

ROS Implementation Package.
Toposens Sensor Library for convenient implementation of the ECHO ONE DK sensor into customer projects.

Firmware Update Tool via Interface Adapter to update the ECHO ONE DK’s firmware.

Use Cases

Detection of forklift forks

AGV Collision

Reduce costly accidents & deadlocks, and increase warehouse productivity with our ECHO ONE DK


Reduce accidents and improve parking procedures with our 3D ultrasonic sensors for autonomous parking


Prevent in-cabin accidents with our proprietory 3D ultrasonic passenger detection technology


Detect and track people and moving objects in scenarios like stopping elevator doors

Lost in the sensor jungle?

Here you can download our range-finding sensor compendium

Lost in the sensor jungle?

Here you can download our range-finding sensor compendium

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